About Us

Internet Marketing has become common. The problem is most content is created equally and it doesn’t grab attention. Our goal is to look at a company, product or service and educate the public in a way no other advertising company can. Rather than hearing the same old sales pitch we want to inform people about what makes your business special and how they can benefit from it.

The benefits of advertising with Common Cents Help include:

  • Creative external content that teaches people about your business by discussing topics relevant to their day to day lives.
  • Social media push to thousands of followers on Facebook and Twitter
  • Key Word Analysis to help find the best target keywords to focus on
  • An opportunity to market locally as well as nationally

Common Cents Help is an article site that educates the public about:

  • Small Business Products
  • Small Business Services
  • Online Shopping Tips
  • Company Reviews
  • Much More

Our articles focus on a wide range of topics and we are always looking for more to cover. If you are a writer looking to build a portfolio feel free to contact us today!